Wellness Days

Wellness days provide learning about physical literacy and it’s importance to disease prevention, health, self-care and the enjoyment of life.

We give an introduction to extraordinary people who have “Inspired Movement;” with the great success they have had in over coming challenges and finding happiness in their life.

We brief our audience with some of the concerning chronic diseases and how such can be managed with physical literacy.

Finally we provide a fitness assessment to evaluate current abilities with 1 minute performance of various exercises:

  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups or a modification of
  • Balance beam walks
  • Sand bag shuttle run
  • Burpees

We also evaluate

  • Mobility measures in the hip and shoulders
  • timed 1 km run

Data is collected to visualize the performance of the participants and to provide a baseline for improvement and comparison across organizations.


Physical Literacy, Physical Assessment, Wellness Workshops, The Great Canuck, Obstacle Racing, Fitness

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