Obstacle Sports For Hire

Obstacle sports include a wide variety of races that embody a spectrum of mental and physical challenges.  It is the ideal first step to developing Physical Literacy. For developing children, it is the perfect guided to growth and learning.

Inspired Movement can bring these challenges to your organization’s team building or fund raising events.

Such challenges derived from military training are ideal to prepare the mind, spirit, body and heart to manage the difficulties in life. For children, this is what having fun is all about.  Adults get an opportunity to reignite their childhood.

For schools, running course can be as long as 3 kilometers with challenges similar to Spartan Races and Tough Mudder.  The option to have short courses similar to the American Ninja Warrior or Beast Master can also be arranged.

For charitable and private events, the race can be as long or as short as is suitable to achieve your goals. If you want a 24+ Hrs lap race, we can help.

Events can have a theme that feature your organization or one that feature Canada, The Great Canuck, with obstacles that reflect the Canadian Heritage.

Organizations such as Spartan Race and Tough Mudder are the leaders in the sport.  They provide different running distances and obstacles that bring out the strength in mind, spirit, body and heart.

The short 1 mile Tough Mudder X is an explosive race that demands heavily on the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Distances increase with events that feature 3-8 miles, 8-13 miles, 13-30 miles and 30 miles plus in the 8-24 hour duration events. The Spartan Agoge is a multi-day, intense test of mental grit and stamina. Both organizations derive many of their challenges from the military setting in the outdoors. Spartan favour heavy carries and lifting while Tough Mudder has a reputation to challenge you ability to function in high places and while falling.

The American Ninja Warrior and the Beast Master are short obstacle challenges that test agility, grip strength and explosive power.  These are often set in doors with courses that are typically much less than 10 minutes in duration.  These can also be facilitated outdoors.




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