Physical Literacy, what is …

Physical Literacy is the understanding of our body’s intricate functions and the development of skills to optimize and utilize these functions to the fullest of their potentials.  Literacy involves knowing the body’s anatomy, physiology, functional mechanics, emotional responses and nutritional needs as well as it’s interaction with environmental processes.

The best way to become physically literate is to stimulate and challenge the body physically in a broad range of activities within the environment we live in during all weather conditions. Obstacle sports challenge our body in such a way from minutes to days in duration. Our body is not intended to endure long hours of restricted motion as in working at a production line or at a desk. We have seen that deprivation of physical activity and literacy have lead to many modern illness. The lack of physical activity is deemed as 1 of 4 major causes of chronic illness by the World Health Organization:

  • tobacco use,
  • physical inactivity,
  • unhealthy diet
  • harmful use of alcohol

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