Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 19.30.24Oct 24th 2018 marked a play day for Rugged Canadians at Adams Road Elementary, which also included participants from George Greenaway and Creekside Elementary Schools.

A day of play was recognized in 1961 by the International Play Association, which now has nearly 50 member countries. Their aim is outlined by Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which seeks to protect, preserve and promote play for all children worldwide. The Association recognizes play as fundament to human development; it is the “basic ingredient of physical, social, mental and emotional growth. Play fosters creativity and flexibility. Through play, children learn about their environment – the physical and social world in which they live.” Canada has been an active member since 1983.

The Rugged Canadians at Adams Road Elementary had a great time. Thanks to the leadership of principals, Jodi Kennett and Margaret Geddes, the Rugged Canadians also had a geography lesson. The principals designed obstacles to reflect the great Canadian landscape and culture. With the help of Grit Farm Fitness, a Vancouver based obstacle events company, students threw wooden axes, speared salmon, balanced on the New Brunswick Bridge, marched the mud in the Manitoba Red River, raced potato sacks in the prairies, climb Mount Logan, flipped

Canadian Tires, splashed while crossing the Nunavut artic ice and carried logs as if working the lumber industry.

The event was a great success with the support of the district and the many parents who volunteered to maintain an organized day. Many felt the day helps their children develop camaraderie and nurture learning by providing a physical outlet. When asked about the dangers involved, they trusted the teachers and said scrapes and bruises were a good way for their children to learn how to manage their bodies.

Activity is essential to the development and preservation of health. The World Health Organization has marked the prevalence of chronic diseases to surpass infectious diseases and a lack of activity is one of the four top health risks.

Grit Farm Fitness feels parents should encourage play both in their children and themselves. Everyday, everyone should connect with their environment and keep their physical, social, mental and emotional growth in check.


The Journey Begins

John Tai has practiced Massage Therapy since 1997.  He was alway keen to learn how to look after his body and to stay in the game by managing injuries from sports. After several motor vehicle accidents, he found Massage Therapy as a means of learning how to better his knowledge and function. This wasn’t enough; he pursued guidance in a variety of physical and mental training: Pilates, Yoga, meditation and fitness.

John aspired to share his experience with other and later met Allison who “inspired movement.”

Allison had just regained her function after a server accident where she was rear-ended by a Chev Avalanche while cycling on the highway.  She broke many bones and had widespread muscle and nerve damage. When they met, Allison had already participated in a Half Ironman after her accident and was in training for a 100 mile running race.

To learn about recovery and establish credentials to teach others, Allison pursued certifications in many fitness disciplines.

The couple found obstacle racing, which helped them both reach their respective physical excellence.

Now they look to share “inspired movement” with everyone so everyone can over come their life obstacles..

Feature image above, Pacana Caldera, 5000m above see level Hwy 27/52 from San Pedro De Atacama, Chile to Salta, Argentina. Transcontinental tour of South America, Lima Peru to Buenos Aires Argentina to Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

Image below, yoga and fitness with Dominica Orphanage,
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic November 2008. Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.42.42

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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